Community Resilience

Maggie Feinstein

Director of the 10.27 Healing Partnership Center Pittsburgh

Maggie Feinstein is is a master’s level professional counselor who has distinguished herself in the field of integrated mental health. She received her undergraduate...

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Danilo Roger Gelman

Security & Crisis Management Consultant

Danilo Gelman was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1979. He holds a degree in Journalism. Danilo has over 20 years of experience in the security field working in many...

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Colonel (Ret) Avi (Avraham) Cohen

Co-Founder & CEO SYN-RG-Ai-

Avi had served as commander at IDF C5i Branch, cyber defense and Electronic Warfare for 30 years. He is a Digital Transformation and Digital Strategy Architecture...

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Idit Michael

Head of Programming and Senior Mental Health Professional at Natal

Ms. Idit Michael is the Former Chief Superintendent of the Mental Health Division of Israel’s Police, where she received the commissioner's token of excellence for her...

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Alan Gill

Executive Vice President Emeritus, JDC

Alan Gill, is one of the Jewish world's transformative professional leaders. His vision and career have exemplified and put into direct action the notion of global...

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Elad Efraty

Director, Paamonim

Elad Efraty is a director at Paamonim, a non-profit specializing in financial counseling and education. He has more than 15 years of financial expertise in both...

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Dr. Ayelet Giladi

Founder and the CEO of VOCA - Voice Of Child Association

Dr. Giladi is the founder and the CEO of VOCA - Voice Of Child Association. She is a pioneer and recognized expert on child-on-child abuse and harassment behavior as a...

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Sharona Shir Zablodovsky

Public Diplomacy Expert

Sharona Shir has worked in the NGO’s sector for more than a decade, focusing on initiative, establishment, and project management on missions related to Israel and...

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Galit Palzur

conomist, specializing in Corporate Risk Management of Natural Disasters

Ms. Galit Palzur is an economist, specializing in corporate risk management of natural disasters and extreme events, writing her PhD dissertation on the subject at the...

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Dr. Yossi Korazim-Kőrösy

Founder and first Chair of the Interdisciplinary Forum for Community Development in Israel.

Yossi Korazim-Kőrösy is a professor at the John Wesley College, School of Social Work in Budapest (Hungary) and a senior lecturer at the Zefat Academic College in...

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Dr. Tamar Lavi

Director, Community Outreach Natal

Dr. Lavi is an educational psychologist and a psychotherapist. She has conducted researches and treats populations exposed to trauma in the context of war and terror for...

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Naama Yardeni

Director of Latet's Aid for Life Department

Naama Yardeni is one of the key staff of Latet. As the Director of Latet's Aid for Life Department since 2017, she is in charge of providing direct assistance to more...

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Linor Attias

Emergency Officer, Ministry of Justice

Linor Attias is an emergency management specialist in civil society, with over a decade of experience in managing security emergencies crises, leading philanthropic...

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Alon Rozen

Former Director General of the Home Front Defense Ministry

An expert in the field of crisis management and business continuity. Former Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Defense, and Director General of the Home Front Defense...

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Zev Gottesman

CEO Integra-Team

Zev first joined Integra as VP of Training in Disaster Management Programs and as Content Manager, following 23 years of service in the Israel Defense Forces as an...

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Dr. Bruria Adini

head of the Department of Emergency Management and Disaster Medicine in the School of Public Health, Sackler Faculty of Medicine in the Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Adini is the head of the Department of Emergency Management and Disaster Medicine in the School of Public Health, Sackler Faculty of Medicine in the Tel Aviv...

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Dr. Carmit Rapaport

Director of the Institute for Regulation of Disaster and Emergency, University of Haifa

Carmit Rapaport is the Director of the Institute for Regulation of Emergency and Disaster at the College of Law and Business in Israel. Dr. Rapaport is also the Academic...

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Dr. Moran Bodas

Director of the National Center for Trauma and Emergency Medicine Reasearch

Moran Bodas is a researcher at the Department of Disaster Medicine & Injury Prevention (School of Public Health, Tel-Aviv University). His research focuses on the...

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Dr. Carmit Padan

Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Carmit Padan is a Senior Research Fellow at Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research at Technion and a Research Fellow at the Institute for National...

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Dr. Einav Levy

Director of The Israeli School of Humanitarian Action

Einav Levy is the Founding Director of The Israeli School of Humanitarian Action and Lucien Research center for Humanitarian Action. He is also the head of the stress...

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Anva Ratzon

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Expert

Anva Ratzon is a social worker specializing in Community & Organizational Development and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). Anva works as a freelance consultant focusing on...

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