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The webinar I have attended through JReady has made me realize how close our story is to others. We are not alone!

Lynne van Dellen

Head Of School - King David Sandton, Johannesburg.

"The Jewish Agency supported us by providing funds and vital & basic supply. We are all grateful for that. The difficult and sad situation has become a ray of light and a testament to the endless solidarity of the Jewish people."

Ruth Dureghello

President of the Jewish Community of Rome

Thanks to the Haggai App the food distribution was so easy. Thank you JReady!

Galya Glukman

Jewish Community Service Foodbank Volunteer

We requested a program that would provide our community with an update on how Israel is dealing with COVID, JReady was able to put us together with Dr. Engel the CEO of Wolfson hospital quickly.

Hellen Hill

PRAZE VP PRograms, Advocacy, Zionism & Education Hadassah Jacksonville
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