Who we are

Dear Partners,

The COVID-19 crisis has dramatically affected our communities around the world. The health, economic and social implications of the crisis have affected all areas of life, especially in light of the efforts to preserve the uniqueness of Jewish lives . The communities have found themselves dealing with challenges in the fields of remote Jewish education, with the complexity of the ability to continue and maintain the various Jewish social frameworks and in preserving the characteristics of our routines and rituals.


Realizing that the COVID-19 is not the last global crisis we’ll face and that even in smaller and more local dimensions, our ‘virtual shoulder’ is required, the Jewish Agency adopted the JReady platform, an idea that came to its table from a group of experts involved in finding solutions to the first wave of COVID-19 in Israel.


JReady, is a digital platform that incorporates and combines solutions, tools  and capabilities developed in communities around the world to deal with the current crisis and other emergencies. In the platform, you can contact developers of innovative management tools, consult with top experts, review policy documents and ‘best practices’, become acquainted with advanced methodologies, be exposed to unconventional and innovative initiatives and participate in professional webinars. In addition, you can contact professionals in different countries around the world and have a collaborative and embracing peer dialogue.


The digital platform is a significant mean, but more than that we want to engage with communities and organizations together with you to create an information junction and a meeting outside the virtual world as well. Together with the representatives of the communities and organizations that will take part in the project, we will have a meaningful and ongoing dialogue regarding the readiness and readiness to continue dealing with the Corona crisis and other emergencies, which, God forbid, will excite us. The partnership with you is an essential anchor and we ask that you join the project and contribute from your experience and the tools you have developed and especially to update us on the needs that arise in your communities and organizations.


I am proud that I have had the privilege of chairing the JReady Public and Professional Committee. I humbly complied with the request of the Chairman of the Jewish Agency, Mr. Isaac Herzog, out of loving acquaintance with the communities and a deep recognition of the changing needs.


Together we will continue to develop and promote initiatives that will connect us all together, based on the experience of each of us.
Adv. Ayelet Nahmias Verbin


Chairman of the JReady Platform