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Mark Young

Director of JResponse, JCC Association of North America

Mark S. Young is the director of JResponse, JCC Association North America's signature program that trains JCC professionals to prepare and respond to crisis, and then deploys professionals to impacted JCC communities in which disaster has occurs. JResponse focuses on 4 R's: Readiness, Relief, Recovery, and Resilience. Mark has developed training experiences in each of these R's and thus is happy to be a resource and offer consultation in areas around organizational readiness in advance of crisis, how to provide meaningful relief and recovery once crisis hits particularly through the tools of psychological and mental health first aid, and how to build one's resilience through a 4 I process of identification, interpretation, intervention, and iteration. Mark is also experienced in instructing educators how to employ the tools and philosophy of experiential learning, including tools of facilitation and reflection, as well as in the areas of human resources management and leadership and talent development. Mark recently published his first book, Bless Our Workforce (, which offers strategies to best motivate, value, and retention our professionals.

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