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Secure Community Network

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Our community organizations are facing conditions unlike many have ever experienced. Responsible measures to contain the COVID-19 outbreak have led thousands of facilities, including synagogues, community centers, schools, senior centers, camps and workplaces to close down, cease, or severely limit their operations. Organizations and facilities must consider how to reopen so that they can efficiently and safely resume fulfilling the vital roles they play, from offering social to spiritual services to our community and the public at large. This guidance – along with a comprehensive suite of materials currently in development and scheduled for release soon – is intended to assist organizations as they consider when and how they will reopen. This document presents initial considerations for facilities planning for or considering reopening and resuming all levels of operations. It should be considered illustrative of the most common issues, concerns and focus areas that organizations and facilities are working to address. Utilized as part of a comprehensive strategy around safety, security, health and welfare, this can be a valuable tool in outlining key considerations. This document will be updated as new best practices and information dictate and allow, to include U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state and local guidelines, as available.