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Evaluating risk and options in violent situations

Hilma is a Hi-tech nonprofit company established by leaders in the Israeli Hi-tech industry. Our goal is to make Israel an international social Hi-tech leader.

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RiskLevel is an anonymous questionnaire to help women assess if they are at-risk from a partner and what their resources are.

Why was it needed?

One of the sad consequences of COVID-19 is a dramatic increase in domestic violence. Therefore, Hilma – in collaboration with the Ministry of Welfare and JDC Israel – developed a self-diagnosis questionnaire for victims of violence.

Who benefits from RiskLevel?

This personal diagnostic questionnaire is designed to help victims of domestic violence (or their relatives) measure the level of risk in their relationship. Based on the answers, a ‘danger level’ measure is calculated and displayed immediately after completing the questionnaire.

Often, people who suffer from domestic violence do not know where they can turn for help. RiskLevel not only estimates the risk in any given situation, but it also offers suggestions – from advising the victim to immediately pack and leave, to providing hotline phone numbers to call for less-urgent situations.

Who is RiskLevel’s target audience?

Ideally, RiskLevel would be made available to anyone who feels they are potentially at-risk of abuse or violence, their family members, and organizations that assist victims of domestic violence.

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