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JReady Community Resilience Seminar

A 2- 4 days resilience seminar within a community or several regional communities that come together to train and build a crisis and emergency response capacity

The JReady resilience seminar is a unique two—to four-day training program within a community or several regional communities that come together for intensive learning days.

The seminar is led by experts from renowned international and Israeli organizations. To ensure the highest quality of learning and preparation, they focus on implementing the structure, methodology, and training for the community’s resilience and crisis management teams. The seminar concludes with a written protocol for the community and teams, a yearly work plan, and a final integrative practice drill.

These seminars are collaborative, requiring pre-planning meetings and surveys with the community’s leadership and team managers. This process helps map challenges, infrastructure, goals, and outcomes. Depending on the community’s knowledge level, preliminary Zoom sessions can be needed to align the seminar participants on the same level of knowledge.

Primary Outcomes of the seminar:

  • Development of a basic “community portrait” – a map of threats and risks, strengths and resources, vulnerable groups/demographics, needs of community members in crisis, relevant players, and stakeholders within and outside of the community.
  • A written yearly work plan for the community or organization concentrating on enhancing community resilience and capacity to address potential threats and risks. 
  • Formation of a robust network of community leadership, comprising Presidents of communities, heads of trauma, security directors, medical professionals, educators and others – both professional and lay.

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