Alan Gill

Executive Vice President Emeritus, JDC

Alan Gill, is one of the Jewish world's transformative professional leaders. His vision and career have exemplified and put into direct action the notion of global...

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Chen Cshnabel

Volunteers management and training expert, Latet

Chen Cshnabel is Latet's volunteers management and training expert. Since 2018, Chen and her team of 4 employees are responsible for the recruitment and creation a...

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Linor Attias

Emergency Officer, Ministry of Justice

Linor Attias is an emergency management specialist in civil society, with over a decade of experience in managing security emergencies crises, leading philanthropic...

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Dr. Eli Jaffe

Deputy Director General, Magen David Adom

Eli Jaffe, MDA, PhD, EMT-P, is the Deputy Director General of Training, PR, Volunteer Activities, Marketing and International Relations Division, of the Israeli national...

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Ronit Bar

Director of The Israeli National Council for Volunteering

Director of the Israeli National Council for Volunteering, Director and Founder of the Israeli Volunteer Network. Facilitator at the School of Volunteer...

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Dr. Einav Levy

Director of The Israeli School of Humanitarian Action

Einav Levy is the Founding Director of The Israeli School of Humanitarian Action and Lucien Research center for Humanitarian Action. He is also the head of the stress...

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Anva Ratzon

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Expert

Anva Ratzon is a social worker specializing in Community & Organizational Development and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). Anva works as a freelance consultant focusing on...

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