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Tools for rapid needs assessment by Rural Senses

Who is Rual Senses?

Rural Senses is a UK/Israeli-based Social Enterprise that originates from 7 years of research conducted at the University of Cambridge. Rural Senses helps nonprofits and community leaders to build more targeted projects, increase project adoption and raise more funding. Their AI-powered tools are used to collect, analyze and visualize data about the changing priorities and perceptions of community members and give the users tools for rapid needs assessment.


Reach out to Rural Senses if you want to:

  • get a fast, comprehensive mapping of community needs.
  • measure the changing resilience of a community – fast.
  • accurately evaluate the impact of existing or past projects, for fundraising.
  • increase the adoption of projects within a community.

Rural Senses is GDPR compliant and does not require any prior knowledge in data collection or analysis.

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