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Jewish Interactive Tap Platform

Global Platform to Share Jewish Educational Games and Interactive Lessons

Who is Jewish Interactive?

Jewish Interactive (Ji) is the world leader in digital Jewish education ensuring that Judaic studies remain inspiring and relevant for today’s generation of digital natives.

Established in 2012, Jewish Interactive (Ji) is a global non-profit organisation that strives to create Jewish programs, utilising innovative technology. Ji is about Jewish Education. First and foremost, we are about providing opportunities for inspirational personal learning experiences. To do this effectively, we use innovative technology and Gamification. (The use of game elements in education) We are providing digital platforms and tools that have become indispensable to Jewish and Hebrew teachers around the world. Jewish Interactive have been engaged in online learning for almost 10 years and have built up a vast offering of online Jewish and Hebrew learning resources and tools. We have expert staff members who have one goal- To Make Jewish Education Better. Through the Covid 19 crisis we have seen the importance of having ready made, interactive material ready for students to access at any time. This is not specific to COVID19 – students need extra support, work at different paces, can’t attend a meeting – there are endless reasons why this is a necessity. Ji’s interactive tools have been specifically designed to work in a virtual space and our team is proud to support the global Jewish Community.

what is Ji Tap?

Ji Tap is a Global Platform to Share Jewish Educational Games and Interactive Lessons. Discover and play interactive lessons, activities and digital games by Jewish teachers, parents and children.

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