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StayHomeStaySocial – Phone Conversations Between Generations

Our technology connects older adults with like-minded Buzzers by phone in an innovative and accessible manner

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to engulf our way of living, it is further exacerbating the challenges faced by everyone, and in particular older adults.

In response to this crisis, we have come together to address some of the acute social needs of the older population. StayHomeStaySocial matches like-minded, experienced, and friendly Buzzers with members of the older  population, using unique technologies to connect them by telephone in a practical, safe and monitored manner. Our matching algorithms create the perfect pairs, thereby ensuring mutually inspiring, empowering and enriching phone conversations between generations.

StayHomeStaySocial is brought to you by the team behind Friendlybuzz. Friendlybuzz, a public benefit corporation, offers the ultimate science-based health and wellness program for older adults. Using ground-breaking research, and leveraging the latest in gerontological understanding and innovative technologies, Friendlybuzz has built the most comprehensive health and wellbeing program for the older population. We believe that when it comes to staying healthy, being happy, feeling invigorated, and nurturing our mental and cognitive abilities, age does not, and should not, matter.

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