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Noa Ohayon Bab

Head of the shlichim delegation in Washington DC, USA

The secret recipe of the Start-up Nation
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Noa has 10+ years of experience in both tech and nonprofit sectors, having worked in leadership positions at the Edmond De Rothschild Foundation, eBay, other tech startups, and serves as a digital and tech mentor to a variety of companies from start-ups to global corporations. Noa is also a social entrepreneur and co-founder of a leading social media job search platform in Israel that has over 90,000 followers (the largest of its kind in Israel). The Dana and Noa Make My Career (in Hebrew this name make sense, trust me😊) nonprofit startup, offers daily job postings as well as a series of offline career development workshops with dozens of organizations throughout the country. Thousands have already found their jobs via this initiative and tens of thousands have stated that it positively affected their career paths.

With 350 multinationals, 40 VCs, $6,4 billion VC investments in 2018, and a long list of billion-dollar exits to IT giants like Intel, Google, Cisco, IBM or HP: Israel is known to be the „Startup Nation“ for many good reasons. In our talk on [date], we will hear from Noa Ohayon Bab, on how is it, that a country not even the size of New Jersey, with a population smaller than New York City's, Israel is still home to more Nasdaq-listed companies than any country except the U.S. and China. On a per-capita basis Israel boasts more venture capital, more startups and more scientists and tech professionals than any other country in the world. What are the "secret ingredients" that make Israel create products and innovations the impacted the whole world, in less of its 70 years of exciting?

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