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Dor Kwiatek

Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, Virginia USA

Virtual Israel Tour
Available in:
English , French

He holds a BA in Israel studies from the Kinneret College in the Jordan Valley. Dor is a licensed Tour Guide in Israel. Some of Dor's past involvements includes the Israeli scouts, being a park ranger for the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority, working as a student helping farmers in the Golan Heights and the Jordan valley during the peak seasons picking mangoes and dates, and much more.

Dor has developed a few sessions of virtual Israel tours using pictures, Google Earth birds view tours, songs, texts and interactive discussions, Dor recreates a physical tour where you can see, feel and hear Israel from afar. Tour topics include: Travel with the Bible: exploring four different passages from the Hebrew Bible and New Testament and see how they come to life in the land of Israel. From prophesies of floods in the Negev Desert, through archaeological findings of the Israelite conquest of the land with Joshua Ben Nun to Synagogues from the second temple era and the landscape during the time of Jesus in the Galilee. Regional virtual tours: exploring a specific region to your choosing (Golan Heights for example), its geographical characteristics, natural scenery, wildlife and human history.

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