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Reunion Project of Families Who Have Not Seen Their Loved Ones

Amigour (a subsidiary of the Jewish Agency)

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COVID-19 forced us all to keep social distancing. As Passover was approaching, many of us stepped in to help the most vulnerable in Israel: elderly living in public housing called Amigour – A Home for Israel’s Holocaust Survivors. The Jewish Agency and Amigour (a subsidiary of the Jewish Agency) made sure that no one went hungry, the staff remained dedicated and because of that thery were proud to say there was no COVID-19 case among the 7,500 residents. However, that wasn’t enough and they have decided to go an extra step, and connected family members in an original way. A special, emotional reunion project of families who have not seen their loved ones because of the corona virus for two months at the Amigour’s “Beit Rita” Nursing Home.


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