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Family-in-crisis assistance management system

Hilma is a Hi-tech nonprofit company established by leaders in the Israeli Hi-tech industry. Our goal is to make Israel an international social Hi-tech leader.

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ComCare is a system that aids a community in supporting a family during a crisis, in a balanced way – such that the tasks are distributed efficiently among community members.

Why was ComCare needed?
This past year highlighted the value of community in helping families cope with crises. When a family is in crisis and the surrounding community is interested in supporting them, there are usually many needs to be met over a long period of time.
Up to now, the manner in which the various needs were met – from babysitting to errands to food preparation and more – were largely inefficient and did not divide the responsibilities in a way that cultivated a long-term commitment.
ComCare helps a community share the burden of helping the family while distributing responsibilities.

Who benefits from ComCare?
The prime beneficiary of ComCare is the family in crisis who will get the help they need in an organized fashion with minimal mishaps or superfluous simultaneous offers from volunteers.
Whoever is managing the assistance gets automatic help, relieving pressure as well as the need to locate volunteers. ComCare sees to it that volunteers are updated and that necessary help does not fall between the cracks. The manager is alerted when a volunteer is lacking as the system coordinates all tasks and manages them with minimal external interference.

Who is ComCare’s target audience?
Virtually any extended family, group, congregation, or community can utilize and benefit from this system.
The system is generic and can be adapted to various types of assistance and to various communities or organizations. It maintains the privacy of the family in crisis, and only turns to relevant people for help.

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